7 Untraceable Money Transfer Apps For Sending Money Anonymously

Untraceable Money Transfer App

Are you looking for a way to transfer money anonymously, maybe you are looking for an untraceable money transfer app? I have a good news for you. I have cooked up 7 you can use to transfer money without it being traced back to you. It is going to be a long but well-detailed article so do well to fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen.

Nowadays you don’t just go to the internet to get information. We are way past that. Technology has become so advanced that it solves our day to day needs including the need for financial transactions. Gone are the days when you have to visit a brick-and-mortar bank just to complete a few transactions.

All you have to do know is download the app, open an account, do a few verifications, then transact swiftly, safely and securely.

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Inasmuch as you want to do transactions from the comfort of your home with your device right in your palm, you crave at least an atom of privacy. You no doubt need an untraceable money transfer app or an anonymous payment app. This article will show you hand-picked apps that will keep you anonymous when transferring money.

What is an Untraceable Money Transfer App?

An untraceable money transfer app is one who offer a peer-to-peer kind of payment. This kind of payment app is easy, fast and very secure transferring money between persons or entities.

It makes payment simple and even is compatible with most banks and debit/credit cards. With your device in your palm and at the comfort of your home, you can complete transactions in few taps.

This is a very big question. Yes it is legal and possible to use an untraceable money transfer app or anonymous payment method to transfer money locally and even globally from person to person or even between businesses. These kind of apps are not only used by people who indulge in illicit acts only. Average people do need such apps and a real life example is in case of anonymous donations.

How Do You Create an Untraceable Money Transfer App Account?

Very simple. You only need internet connection and an internet enabled device. Then you need to ready relevant information like your full name, phone number, email address, and contact address (most times your full name is even irrelevant). Once everything is ready, within few minutes you are good to go.

Untraceable Money Transfer App: Top 7

For any untraceable money transfer app to serve its purpose, it should have a robust infrastructure to guarantee the safety of its users. That could be quite difficult to actualize, no wonder these apps are not made the same.

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That leaves you with the option to select from the top 7 we selected. Because even the very best has different unique features. some are faster, some have more currency options, and others are simpler. You should therefore study our top 7 anonymous money transfer apps to know what best suits you. Below is our list.

  • Cash App
  • PayPal
  • Wise
  • Revolut
  • Skrill
  • Chime Bank
  • Paysafecard

1. Cash App

Cash App Untraceable Money Transfer App

Cash App is an untraceable money transfer app. It enables you make payments anonymously while transacting directly from your phone. Each member is assigned a unique username called $Cashtag which they use for money transactions. With only your username, you can transfer money and bypass the need to visit a bank.

However, if you are unverified, you will have a daily spending limit of $250. But you can use the debit Visa card to make cash withdrawals or money transfers to any other bank. And if you are into cryptocurrency, you can integrate your Bitcoin wallet to make private crypto purchases.

Cash App is an untraceable money transfer app because of the end to end encryption it has. I t also has a fraud detection technology which keeps your data and money safe. It does not even have a database for your financial information, making it impossible to know who sent you money or even who you sent money.

Here is how to send money anonymously with Cash App:

  • Open the app
  • Type the amount you wish to send
  • Click “Pay”
  • Enter the receiver’s email address, phone number or $Cashtag
  • Type what you are paying for
  • Click “Pay”.

You have to be very careful with the email, phone number and even $Cashtag because once you mistakenly send your money to the wrong person, there is little or even no chance of getting back your money.

2. PayPal

PayPal untraceable money transfer app

It is true PayPal has not really been impressive when it comes to protecting users privacy, it could still be considered a semi untraceable money transfer app. To use PayPal for anonymous payments, you first must activate a bank account or a payment card. The receiver will be able to see your registered name and email address (you could register with incorrect name and email) upon transaction completion.

You can create a PayPal account with a name and email that comes up your head for a particular payment. PayPal works on its website and also has an app.

PayPal is accepted in almost on the countries in the world and that makes it safe and properly regulated. When your accounts gets interfered with or even hacked, PayPal limits it to avoid further scams.

How to use PayPal untraceable money transfer app:

  • Tap on “Send & Request”
  • Choose from the 3 available options
  • Type the amount you want to send
  • Click “Continue”
  • Review the information and confirm payment

3. Wise

Wise untraceable money transfer app

Wise is another semi untraceable money transfer app. On this app, you have the ability to send money with your account number hidden. But if you happen to be send to a Wise account, your name and profile picture will be visible to the recipient. There is surely a way to override this; use a picture that is not yours and use a penname.

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Wise is very secure because you use passwords to send money, there are end to end encryptions and also a two-factor authentication login method. Once money leaves your Wise account, it gets to the recipient instantly unless you used standard which can take up to 2 business days (at most) to reflect.

How to send money anonymously with Wise:

  • Open the app and type in how much you wish to transfer
  • Choose the kind of transfer
  • Fill in your Wise details
  • Type in the recipients required details
  • Review the details
  • Choose a transaction type and pay

4. Revolut

Revolut Untraceable money transfer app

Revolut is an untraceable money transfer app that offers the option to send money via virtual cards. It also uses RevTags just like in Cash App to send money. But on Revolut you can hide your tags to disable the ability for people to search for you on the app. If you truly wish to be anonymous with Revolut when sending money, you can switch off the “Payments with Friends” tab so that people you have sent money to cannot be able to see your details.

How to use Revolut untraceable money transfer app to send money anonymously:

  • Click on “Start your transfer”
  • Type how much you wish to send
  • Choose where you want your money sent to
  • Check rates
  • Send your money

5. Skrill

Skrill Untraceable money transfer app

Skrill is an untraceable money transfer app that lets you send money anonymously online using a temporary email address. You can choose to keep your identity hidden by using a temporary, unidentifiable email address that you can delete immediately after use.

When you transfer money on Skrill, it takes some 24-72 hrs for your transaction to be marked complete. This is affected by the country which the money is being sent to, the method of payment used, and the day of the week (transfers are counting in working days).

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How to send money anonymously on Skrill:

  • Login and tap “Send”
  • Select “Send to mobile number or email”
  • Type the email or phone number of the recepient
  • Type the amount you wish to send
  • Write an optional message to the recepient
  • Confirm the details and send

6. Chime Bank

Chime Bank Untraceable money transfer app

Chime bank designed to help with basic banking services and is currently free. It is a an upcoming digital bank that has gained people’s trust already. It comes with many monthly benefits like the overdraft, free ATM withdrawals, and free money transfers. And you can trust that while you use Chime, you are using an untraceable money transfer app.

How to use Chime bank to send money anonymously:

  • Login to your app
  • Tap on “Pay anyone”
  • Type your friends name, $ChimeSign, email address or phone number
  • Enter the amount you wish to send
  • Confirm and pay

7. Paysafecash

paysafecash untraceable money transfer app Edited

Paysafecash is a prepaid online payment app which uses vouchers with a 16-digit PIN code, without depending on a bank account, credit card, and other personal information.

It lets customers buy vouchers at local stores and make online payments by entering codes at the checkout of the website. Paysafecash is an untraceable money transfer app because the only detail you need to make payments is your Paysafecash vouchers which is not affiliated with any of your personal information. They are the most widely means of payment of its kind.

FAQ On Untraceable Money Transfer Apps

W have captured a lot of frequently asked questions on untraceable money transfer apps and we have provided the most befitting answers to each of the questions.

How Do Money Transfer Apps Work?

These are apps that let you send and receive money fast and easily. Some of these apps are designed to hold your money while may others are designed to send your money from one bank to another.

Are Money Transfer Apps Safe to Use?

Generally these apps comes with security that makes your money and personal information safe. But bear in mind that when you send money to the wrong recipient, there is little or even no chance of getting your money back.

Are PayPal Transactions Untraceable?

PayPal lets you send money anonymously to any recipient. Although your information is connected to the transaction, PayPal will never make it open to any third party and you can decide to use your nicknames or fake names.

How Much Can You Transfer Without Raising Suspicion?

Once you make a transaction worth more than $10,000, it is required your bank or credit union report you to the government in the space of 15 days because they suspect that large of amounts moving from one account to another could indicate an illegal activity.

Are Skrill Transactions Untraceable?

Skrill stores your personal information but do not give them out even when you make a transaction. And you can request for virtual cards to make anonymous payments.


With the use of an untraceable money transfer app, it is easy for users to send and receive conveniently, anonymously and securely. If you wish to send money to people anonymously you too need an untraceable money transfer app to let you send money without revealing your private details.

This article contains a comprehensive list on apps with which you can send money anonymously. Have you used any of the apps mentioned here recently or in the past? What was your experience? Have you use another untraceable money transfer app not listed here? Do well to tell us more about it.

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