How to Use Mcintosh MN Bank Routing Number For Easy Wire Transfer in 2023

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In today’s article we will talk about the First National Bank of Mcintosh in Minnesota, it’s routing number and how to send or receive a wire transfer. In other words, this articles is a complete guide on Mcintosh MN Bank routing number and wire transfer.

What is a Routing Number?

In the United States, a routing number refers to as 9-digit code which serves as the identity of financial institutions. The routing number system was developed in 1910 by The American Bankers Association which they use to facilitate the sorting and bundling of paper checks as well as its delivering.

The routing number can also be referred to as ABA routing number or RTN. A routing number of a bank in one state is not the same routing number it has in another state. Mcintosh MN Bank routing number is only unique to this location.

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You can also use your routing number to make wire transfers, ACH transfers, direct deposit, check ordering, electronic payments and many other payments.

How to Get The Mcintosh MN Bank Routing Number

There are so many ways to find the Mcintosh MN Bank routing number in case you are looking for it (of course you are and that is why you are here).

We first checked their website for such information but we didn’t find it there. You can find the routing number on your monthly statements. You can equally call the customer service over the phone to ask about it or you can look it up on the official Federal Reserve Website.

You can also find the Mcintosh MN Bank routing number on your paper check. It is seen at the bottom left of your paper check next to your account number.

Mcintosh MN Bank Routing Number

The First National Bank of Mcintosh is a bank that offers full service. They offer deposits and withdrawals, give out loans and offer other banking services. It was founded in 1989 and is headquartered at Mcintosh, Minnesota, USA. Below is the Mcintosh MN Bank routing number and other information.

Mcintosh MN Bank Routing Number091204569
Phone(218) 563-2865
AddressPO BOX 129
Date of Revision112096

How to do Wire Transfer With Mcintosh MN Bank Routing Number

First National Bank of Mcintosh offers two forms of wire transfers namely: domestic and international wire transfer. The domestic wire transfer is used when you want to send or receive money via wire transfer within the country while the international wire transfer is used when you want to send or receive money to/from another country.

For a domestic wire transfer, you will need the recipient’s full name, Bank name (First National Bank), Address, Account number, and the Mcintosh MN Bank routing number.

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For international wire transfer, you will need SWIFT Codes or BIC codes. When someone wants to send you money from outside the United States, they will ask for the SWIFT code of First National Bank, the bank name, your full name, Bank address, Account number, and then the routing number.

You can ask for the exact details when you also want to send money to someone in USA from outside USA via wire transfer.

Mcintosh MN Bank Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer money from Mcintosh MN Bank to another bank?

The First National Bank of Mcintosh gives you the flexibility of transferring money from your First national bank account to any other bank account under the United States financial institution. These transfers can completed on-site, or through online or mobile banking.

What is Mcintosh MN Bank routing number?

Mcintosh MN Bank routing number is 052201938. They offer various checking and savings account to feed your banking needs.

Does Zelle support First National Bank?

Yes. You can Zelle in the interface of the First National Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking. Sign in online or check your App to enroll with Zelle. But first, you must have a First National Bank deposit account and must also have access to online banking.

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How long does FNB wire transfers take?

Your FNB wire transfers can take up to a maximum of 3 working days before it is completed and gets into the recipients account.


Like you have earlier seen, the location where you opened your bank account is a depending factor of your routing number. You eqaully make use of your routing number when you want to do wire transfer, order new checks or send money to someone. How about a situation where you move to a new location? Your routing number stays the same.

That means your Mcintosh MN Bank routing number you had when your account was opened, will still be the one you use when you move. Did you enjoy this article? Have you found the FNB information you have been looking for? Do you have thoughts on this article? Kindly use the comment box below to tell us about it.

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