How to Easily Find Hancock Whitney Routing Number And do Wire Transfers in 2023

Hancock Whitney Routing Number

Hey, you probably landed here from Google in search of Hancock Whitney routing number. You may just what to know it or you may also have a few other questions pertaining to it.

Whatever the case, this article will provide you an answer. This is a very long, well-detailed article and before we begin we would love to explain what a routing number is.

What is a Routing Number?

Simply put, a routing number is a 9-digit code associated to the financial institution you use. It is often called an ABA routing number and also referred to as RTN.

Routing numbers depend on location of the bank and are unique to each bank. The same bank might not have the same routing number in another state. You bank account type is also another factor that has a bearing on your routing number as well as the type of transaction you want to make.

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This 9-digit-code is used to complete various payments like wire transfer, electronic payment, direct deposit, check ordering and many other payments.

How to Get Your Hancock Whitney Routing Number Easily.

If you are looking for how to find your Hancock Whitney routing number, you can simply pay a closer attention to your bank statements. You can also find your routing number at the bottom left corner of your check.

Better still, the customer service are in a good position to give you your routing number so just put a call across to them. You can also find it at on their website or simply look it up on official Federal Reserve website.

How to Find Hancock Whitney Routing Number on a Check

You can also find Hancock Whitney routing number on a check. It is seated at the bottom left corner of your check as seen in the image below. Please bear in mind that routing numbers differ from state to state and would depend on where you opened your bank account.

Hancock Whitney Routing Number
cc: Hancock Whitney Support Page

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Hancock Whitney Routing Number By State

Hancock Whitney operates in a few States in the United States. The bank holding company is headquartered in Gulfport, Mississippi and also has over 230 branches scattered across Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Below is a list of Hancock Whitney routing number according to the states they function in.

  1. Mississippi – 065503681
  2. Alabama – 065106619
  3. Florida- 063112786
  4. Louisiana – 065400153
  5. Texas – 113000968

How to do Wire Transfer

If you are looking for a secure and fast means of moving money electronically, you are looking for wire transfer. It is one of the means of doing instant transfer with routing and account number without verification and it can take from 1 hour to 3 days to confirm your payment.

Wire transfer is divided into:

  • Domestic Wire and
  • International Wire

Lets look at the two…

Domestic Wire Transfer

A domestic wire transfer is one done within the United States and it takes about a day for your payment to be confirmed. To receive a domestic wire transfer, you have to provide the sender with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your Bank name
  • Your Hancock Whitney routing number
  • Your address
  • Your account number

In case you are the one who intends to perform a wire transfer, kindly ask the recipient to provide you with the above details.

International Wire Transfer

Hancock Whitney also supports international wire transfer. This is called international because the transaction is between two banks across two countries.

You can receive international wire transfer as a Hancock Whitney bank account holder with the following details:

  • SWIFT Code
  • Bank name
  • Hancock Whitney routing number
  • Bank address
  • Full name
  • Account number.

You can ask for the exact details from your recipient’s in case you happen to be the one sending the money.

Hancock Whitney Routing Number FAQ

What is Hancock Whitney routing number for?

You use routing numbers to make automatic deposits and Wire transfer. You could call them a bank’s address and when merged with your account number, you could send or receive money easily, securely and effortlessly.

Who needs the Hancock Whitney Routing number?

Anyone who owns a bank account at Hancock bank might need the routing number. You can easily locate them on checks, at the bank or on most credit union websites. In case you are unable to find Hancock Whitney routing number at the bank, this article will help you do so.

How long does it take to complete a Wire transfer from Hancock bank?

It takes 24 hours or less for Wire transfers from Hancock bank to be marked complete. Ensure you submit your wire transfer before the cut-off time so as to have the wire completed the same day.

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Smaller banks are usually completed at 3pm EST, and larger banks 5pm EST. You can use their customer service number to find out the exact time.

What information do I need to do a wire transfer from Hancock Whitney Bank?

For you to be able wire money from one bank to another, you need the recipient’s full name, address, bank name, account number, account type, phone number, ABA routing number for domestic banks and Recipient bank IBAN and BIC/SWIFT codes for international transfers.

Can someone steal my money with a routing number?

No. You can only use routing numbers for incoming transfers. No one can use it to steal your money from your bank account. But ensure you do not give out your banking information to avoid malicious use of your account number.

How to initiate a wire transfer from Hancock Bank?

You have to reach out to the customer service via voice call to initiate a wire transfer. And like we said earlier, you need the recipient’s information to be able to initiate and complete a wire transfer.


Like you read earlier, your routing number majorly depends on the location you opened your bank account. And you use routing numbers when you intend to do a wire transfer, send money to someone or order new checks. Eventually you move to a new location, your routing number is definitely going to stay the same.

That is to say, the Hancock Whitney routing number you had when your account was opened, will still be the one you use when you move.

If you enjoyed your time reading this article, do well to use the comment button below to express your thoughts.

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