Does Speedway Take Apple Pay? A Complete 2023 Guide

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

“Does speedway take Apple pay”? That question is probably what you looked up on Google. You are however not alone because a whole lot of people also look up this search term on Google. In fact, according to our research about 1k people search for that monthly. This article is going to take time to clarify you. Just grab a cup of tea or coffee and your chair while you read through.

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay: What is Speedway?

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

Our first approach should be to know what Speedway is. Speedway is a gas station and convenience store in America. It is mainly located in the Midwest and East Coast regions of United States of America and has its headquarters in Enon, Ohio. Speedway is in 32 states. Should you be on the road and you are thinking of groceries shopping or gas topping, you are thinking Speadway. They sell a lot of stuffs like drinks, snacks, automobile accessories, and even hot food.

What is Apple pay?

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay

Just like an untraceable money transfer app Apple Pay is an Apple Inc. owned payment service that allows its users to make payments in many forms. You can make payments in person, on the web or in iOS Apps. Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad all support it. In some cases it can be also considered as a way to do instant transfer with routing and account number without verification.

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Speedway accepts Apple Pay. Speedway also accepts gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, cash and even Speedpass. You can pay for gas purchases as well as in-store purchases at Speedway with your Apple Wallet . Apple pay is usually very easy and convenient to use when compared to other traditional payment methods.

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So the next time you happen to see yourself at Speedway, you do not need to enter the store to make payments. You only have to pull out your phone and select a payment method. You get to earn extra points when you use the App as a member of Speedway Rewards Program.

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay? How to Set Up Your Apple Wallet

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Before you make Speedway payment with Apple Pay, you first have to set your Apple Wallet up. In the Apple Wallet system, credit or debit cards are the only means of payment, so instead of pulling up your card when ever you need to make a payment at Speedway, which could expose you to scams and fraud, you’d better link the card to your Apple Wallet. This is a very secure way of making payments because you only have to add your card once.

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay? You no doubt knows the answer already… Then how do you set up your Apple Wallet?

Step 1. Go to Device Settings

This is the very first thing you have to do when trying to set up or add your card to your Apple Wallet. Go to your device homescreen and locate the “Settings” app. Tap on the icon and then on “Wallet and Apple Pay”. For easy location, you can use the search bar at the top.

Step 2. Enter Your Card Details

To add your card, you have to enter your card details. To do this, tap on “Add card” and then “continue”. You have to enter your card details next. Ensure you enter your card details correctly else your card will get rejected. For a faster and more accurate result, you may want to scan your card.

Step 3. Verify Your Card

The next thing you have to do is to verify your card. But first, you need to agree to the Apple terms and conditions, then you will be redirected to a page where you will verify your card. Follow the prompt correctly.

How to Use Apple Pay At Speedway

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The question “does speedway take Apple Pay”? no longer bother you because you have found the answer. But your focus now must be on one the: how to use Apple Pay at Speedway. As a first timer, you might find the whole process puzzling. Do not worry, this article will guide you step-by-step on how to use Apple Pay at Speedway for gas and indoor purchases.

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This payment is done through a contactless means of payment, which means, you do not have to come in contact with the card reader. All you have to do is place your card close to the card reader and process your payments.

This is how to use Apple Pay at Speedway…

Step 1. Choose Preferred Payment Option

You have to choose a preferred payment option and since you will be using Apple Pay, you have to reach out to the attendant or cashier telling them you need to pay via your Apple Wallet.

Step 2. Select Card

The next thing you have to do is select your card of payment. When you do not select your preferred card, the payment will pull through via your default card. This why you have to add your payment card to your Apple Wallet.

Step 3. Validate Your Card

Apple does this to ensure you are the one making the payment. You can either use you face ID (for face ID phones), your touch ID (for touch ID phones) or your password to validate your card.

Step 4. Complete Your Payment

To complete your payment, you have to place your device close to the NFC Reader. You will see a “done” popup witch a checkmate which means your payment has been processed.

When you try these steps or find these steps unclear, you can still easily make your Speedway payments via Apple Pay. All you have to do is talk to the attendant and they should help you out.

How to Find Out Which Gas Station Takes Apple Pay

Does Speedway take Apple Pay? You know right? But how do you know the exact Speedway gas station or other gas station which accepts Apple Pay.

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There are so many ways to confirm is a Speedway gas station or even other gas stations take Apple Pay but this article is only going to talk about the “Apple Map App” method which you can get at the App store.

How to Use the Apple Map App

To find out who takes Apple Pay using the Apple Map App, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open the Map App
  2. Add your location to search for gas stations near you
  3. Choose and tap on the preferred place
  4. Scroll down to see more about the store
  5. Choose the “useful to know” option
  6. For any store that accepts Apple Pay, you will see an Apple Pay logo, a checkmark and a phrase, “Accepts Apple Pay”

As soon as you confirm that this particular Speedway store or any other does take Apple Pay, you can comfortable park and step in.


Does Speedway take Apple Pay at gas pumps?

Yes. You you must have set it up before hand to use it comfortably.

Does Speedway take Apple pay for in-store purchases?

Yes, Like said earlier also, you have to set it up before entering the store to make purchases.

Is Apple Pay Widely Accepted?

No. It is very unfortunate that all stores do not accept Apple Pay although may others are making adjustments to do so.


Does Speedway take Apple Pay? You came here looking for answer to that question. While you were here, you did not just find the answer but learned other things. You found out how to set up your Apple wallet, how to know which gas station does accept Apple Pay and many other things. Have you some time in the past used or tried using Apple Pay at Speedway? Once more, Does Speedway take Apple Pay?

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