About Us

Founded in 2015. Bankdome.com is designed to transform the entire banking life of all bank users across the world. We believe that everything about banking should be hassle-free as well as exciting. Imagine painlessly transferring money between countries without having to be at the bank. Or better still taking loans and opening bank accounts without leaving the comfort of your home. We help our users assembly up-to-date information on how to navigate their way across the sea of global banking by offering detailed insights in all things banking.

There are so many hinderances today, each, a pain in the neck. Our aim is to remove the difficulty in finding and using suitable banking information guiding you through every single step ensuring we make the best out of online banking.

Bankdome Mission, Vision and Values

The original idea for Bankdom.com was birthed out of our founders inherent interest in sourcing the best, legit information and packaging them in a clear but concise manner, to help save time and money.


Historically the banking space is full of mystery and embroiled in a lack of transparency. The cloudy approach to sending money across countries, taking loans, opening accounts, right from your phones at your home and other financial services proves particularly problematic.

To remedy this, we tend to deliver first-hand, legit, relevant, easy to digest information that saves time, effort and money.

We know you are not the only one who wants a hassle-free banking system, everybody does. That is why we are dedicated to making sure everyone benefits from Bankdome.


Our mission is to make things easier, while we save you money in the process. We strive not to only provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and most legit insight into all available banking solutions, making sure money, time and effort is saved every step of the way.


The core values at Bankdome focuses more on making banking solutions more accessible, affordable and accurate for every party involved. We want to tweak the banking space so it becomes easier to navigate and understand. A totally ethical and transparent to banking comparisons is what we value most.

How Does Bankdome.com Work?

Our job is to help find the right information for your online banking needs. We do this by collecting information from around the world, leaving a variety of option to choose from.

We inform you about every reputable banking institution and its services on the market, as we aim to provide insight into the use of financials services like Zelle, PayPal, and other online banking institution as well as your local bank.

We are aware of the difficulty in choosing the best online banking method, hence we create transparent, easy-to-use, guides for you, making sure you are guided through every online banking step you take.